Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Public Apology

I feel like a poser most times, if I am being honest. I am a wannabe writer, for I am the child who wants to be an artist, drawing with his brow furrowed and his tongue out, in an attempt to perfect his stick figure. I write with haste and am a horrible proof reader when I am in a hurry. Words tumble out of my head, through my fingers and I piece them like a crooked strand of garland.

I am sorry.

This is my public apology and disclaimer for all my grammatical and spelling errors. Thanks for being friends with me in-spite of this.

Monday, August 5, 2013


Hands that made the blind see and the lame walk also reached down to wash feet and wipe tears from a broken and used woman.

Arms overthrew tables and used a whip to drive out the ones who would have us believe that God's favor and love can be bought and earned. He flipped everything upside down while loving in a way that made the world stand still and watch.

The Creator stooped low and all of heaven leaned in closer.

He wrapped himself into our frail mortal flesh to save us from the battle we could never win and walked across this worn broken earth with dust on his sandaled feet, all the way to a violent death with arms open wide to rescue us and pay the price we never could.

Death will come but it will not have the final say, for my dear friends Redemption and Grace are the orders of the day.


It's all grace.

Every messy minute, every brushstroke, every crawling ant and every towering mountain, every glimmering firefly, every creaking elderly person and every giggling baby, every streaking tear and every glowing smile, every twinkling star, every song that is woven and every story that is spun, and maybe every breath that is inhaled and exhaled is all scandalous grace.