Monday, March 10, 2014


Soul pounded, pummeled.
Shattered, splintered.
Beaten and crushed.

Heart crooked, twisted, and cracked.
Flung in the ditch.
Bleeding and stained.

Face filthy.
Eyes briny, bleary.
Tossed away, discarded.
Broken, weary.

Old fears haunt.
Cruel voices taunt.
"Grace a lie, Love a myth.”

Blood, tears, and sweat
Fists slippery, wet.
Clutching shards of dreams
Pounding on heaven.
Shrieks, screams

“Why,” stings your lips.
Trust fractured
Hope dashed
Faith slips

Dragon sneers a grin
“See, never enough.”
“Give up. I win!"

No! Struggle. Fight!
Stumble, trip over truth.
Run! Flee, back to light.

Courage Child!
Beauty born from ash
Love free and wild.

Every black thread
Woven into a story
Where evil is ripped into shreds

All the old stories are true!
Evil will lose, death will not win
For everything broken is being made new.

Shadow will be swallowed by bright.
For there is a Creator
Who loves, saves, redeems and delights.

So dance, sing, laugh, and spin
The story does not end begins.

1 comment:

  1. Like the final stanza! And the line, "Eyes briny, bleary.", will be rolling around in my head for days; briny, bleary, briny bleary...those words were born to be together. Thanks for posting this.