Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"I see a world where color exists, and in enormous generosity we were given eyes to see it." -N.D. Wilson

Open your door, walk outside, take five steps into the open air, stand on the crust of a spinning sphere and throw a glance into the heavens.

Stop, take a minute, press pause, open your eyes, peel off the scales, and see. Stand next to a tree and don't take the breath you have for granted.

Look around; there is beauty everywhere.

Every season has a looping signature that that is all it's own, beauty in every stroke. Be grateful that winter tightens your skin and when water trickles down your forehead in the peak of summer. Kneel down by the flowers, inhale the heady scent of spring, then forget you are suppose to be an adult and gather a bouquet of brightly painted leaves in autumn.

There is much in this wide world for us to see. Give thanks.

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