Thursday, November 14, 2013

What We Look At; What We See

I think that what you see is more important that what you are looking at.

Wonder is hiding in everything; if only we would have the eyes to see it.

Watch a baby eat a lemon for the first time or taste ice-cream. Pure horror and delight flicker across their faces as they taste a piece of the world they have never tried.

Watch a child stand at the edge of the sea looking out across the water that goes on into forever. Can see the awe?

Children stand gaping in awe of the world, adults yawn.

When we look at something we've seen thousand times and get bored it is not because it has changed: we have.

 Sunsets are no less stunning, mountains are no less majestic, the fact that ladybugs fly and lamas spit is no less incredible; these things don't change. We do.

 Lick an ice-cream cone and pretend you've never had it before. Hold an acorn, look up at an oak tree and forget that you've known for years that giant trees come from tiny nuts. Watch a snow storm come and remember how incredulous you were when you found out for the first time that every flake is different.

 Look in the mirror and remember how incredible it is that you even exist.

 Touch, hear, taste and see: The Lord is good.

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