Thursday, January 2, 2014

Poem or something.

Dear I've crawled through despair,
Lungs bleeding, broken, gasping for air
For this old world carves hard lines 
And this heavy weight, it curves our spines.

I've lifted up shattered dreams, 
Broken hands holding torn seams .
And my lips have stung
With all the questions I have flung.

Look at the world, all her lacks
Hope slips unreachable between the cracks
I hold out empty grasping hands 
Asking, begging to understand.

But despite all of my ache, pain, and fear
Something is becoming clear.
I'm learning that I must chase
For pain requires a deeper grace.

If after beauty and grace you hound 
Everything lost will again be found.
All those shattered fragments of heart and soul
Will once again be beautiful and whole.

I stand outside on the soft loam
Crying loudly, "I am not yet home!"
This ache and pain will make me weep 
But I will smile for grace runs deep.
Love has come and laughter follows 
Filling in all of these empty hollows

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