Sunday, May 11, 2014

For Some.

For some,

Days like today are not filled with joy.

Instead it is a square on the calendar

That is marked with an ache.

A reminder of all that is not.

A pain that runs too deep for words.

Mothers taken, children stolen.

Love cloven in two, broken, and buried.

Leaving empty arms, longing to be filled.

Brave smiles are fastened on.

Even as all the world reminds you

Of all that you yearn for, but do not hold.

For some,

There will be tears instead of laughter.

Whispered, fractured prayers rising 

From wide gashes and deep cracks.

With shards of shattered dreams held in trembling hands.

For we live still in the sad middle chapter.

Hold on.

You are not forgotten, dear heart.

Your tears are collected.

Caught and held in scarred palms.

Till the day when all that is sad shall come untrue.

For you are dearly loved, always remembered. 

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