Sunday, May 4, 2014


Here is something that I would do well to remember, given my deep love for good rhetoric.

Well formed arguments don't change people, only love can.

But I like arguments because I can control them, I can piece words together and form air tight logic, I can package them into bite size morsels to easily force on others.

Love on the other hand is good, but it is never ever safe. It's wild and fierce. It's raging and reckless. It breaks every box I've tried to shove it in. Love lives in the riddles of dichotomies. I can't tie up love into a neat little package, I can't capture and confine grace within words, for they both are messy and life shattering. Love is full of mystery. Love is rule breaking, paradigm shifting. Love demands all so it can give us more. Love isn't sterile and detached, for love crawls into the trenches, elbow deep in the muck of life and joins in the fight.

Love is the table turning Rabbi with a whip in his hand, Love is a King who bends down to wash the feet of His followers. And love is a roaring Lion who's breath turns stone statues with hearts of marble into laughing, singing, dancing throng.

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