Monday, May 5, 2014

The Magic of Green

How can you describe the magic of green to someone who’s never seen it?

You must see green to understand and grasp the enormity of its existence. 

Imagine being born into a dim sunless world, only able to see sooty shadows. Unable to see, feel, or experience the reality of the solid things, only able to see their flat, inky stains. 

We can no more imagine glory unfiltered, than we could imagine an oak tree, if all we had seen and known was the dark smudge that it cast. 

Imagine living with eyes straining to see what was behind the shroud of darkness that obscured everything, knowing deep down there were colors and light—but never actually being able to see them, not even knowing their names. 

Chasing those shadows, knowing deep down that the beauty that you find around them; is just a foretaste of the solid, untainted beauty that is coming.

Brighter than the sun, greater than good, more than real.

What if we are stumbling around touching, seeing, feeling the edges of real and there is something more than real that is lying just behind the dim veil that we find ourselves swathed in.

...what if every tree, star and sunrise is only a shadow of what they really are?

What if we’re all the man who has woken up but lost his sight and forgotten who he is--save for the deep ache inside his chest.

Wouldn’t it be wise to chase that ache until we found home?

We are to love this world because of what it mirrors, although darkly.

I love ever sunset, star and tree, not because I think they are the ultimate reality—but because I know they aren’t, I love them for the reflections, the shadows they are.

I like Puddleglum love the lamp and the cat, because they remind me of the sun and Lion that are just beyond the crust of the world that I find myself in.

What if every person we meet, is just a shadow of what and who they really are,? What if we could see ourselves and each other as we were created to be? What if we shook off all the chaff and burned away all the dross and were left with just the grain and gold?

What if all the beauty, glory and wonder that we experience here is only a shadow of what really exists?

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