Monday, October 21, 2013

Today was like a rest and reset day for me. The past two weeks have been incredibly full, full of good things but still so full that I needed to slow down and process everything that had happened. So I spent the day in curled up in a t-shirt and shorts, reading, eating, playing violin and writing.

I went on a walk this evening, it was cool enough to wear a hoodie and clear enough that I could see the stars. I wandered around under the sky and thought about life, love, and happiness.

And this is what was running through my head.

I am a both girl.

I enjoy wearing dresses, skirts, and make-up on occasion but I also revel in donning basketball shorts, ginormous t-shirts and fuzzy hoodies. I enjoy the laughter and fellowship with all my dear people but I also covet my alone time spent curled up in the corner of the couch. I appreciate walking into houses that are nicely kept but I also enjoy walking into houses that have so much life contained within that it's caused some to spill over the edge taking the form of spilled juice on the counter, toys strewn about the floor and laughter ringing out in every corner.

I love warm sunshine but I also love cold, clear nights when the stars seem to lean in just a little bit closer. Spring is my favorite because everything is new but every year fall bewitches me with her brilliant colors. I love open fields where it looks like the world goes on forever but the woods will always be my true home. Clear blue skies make me happy, however, furious raging thunder heads fill me with wonder as well. Eating the colors of the rainbow in fruits and vegetables is delightful but warm cinnamon rolls and cheesecake also remind me of grace. Old hymns sung with beauty and reverence are my favorite but even so, worship songs sung with passion make me want to throw my hands in the air and grin because I can see King David dancing to them. Good literature is wonderful to dig into and chew on but sometimes savoring a well written ice-cream novel is just what I need to remember why I love to read.

Laughter is a beautiful thing but sometimes I need tears to wash the dirt off of my eyes and heart.

There is wonder to be found everywhere my dear friends. It hides in plain sight, in every leaf, rock, tree, and person. There is glory all around if we could just take a moment and pray for the eyes to see it.

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