Monday, December 16, 2013


I don't know where you are or what you've been through.
I would surely write this differently,
If only I knew.
I don't know if Christmas fills your heart with joy and cheer.
Or if it only brings up memories of old pain and new fear.

Christmas comes round
And with all the lights, trees and presents galore.
It's like people don't realize,
Joy simply can't be bought in a store.

Sometimes life stings a little more,
When it seems like everyone else has already won the war.
Every person you encounter appears to live in a perfect bubble,
Meanwhile all you ever seem to encounter is deep chasms of trouble.

Pain has a way of making us feel like we are all alone,
We forget this old broken world has a way of making each of us groan.

Hope is such a slippery thing,
It is so hard to hold.

But crawl up to the manger and remember the sight.
God wrapped in flesh, born in the dead of the night.
Born to bring all dead things to life.
And make every broke thing new.
So hold on tight, oh my dear one,
To this true tale that's been spun.

When life throws it's curve ball,
And you want to give up,
Remember the baby has come to heal us all.
Darkness will not win, it will not succeed,
For one day all that is broken will for sure be redeemed.

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