Sunday, December 15, 2013

We encounter trouble in life and it carves a deep scar,
And as we shake with the pain,
It seems like too big a thing to look up at the stars.
So we sit down in the rubble and stare down at the fragments,
It's like we can't leave, for it feels like a magnet.
So we weep over the broken, wondering who will ever fix it.

We all wrestle with doubt but you find only a few who'll admit,
That there are times when we all just want to throw a big fit.

Sometimes pain feels like you're lost in a endless raging sea,
you're chained to the bottom and you've lost the only key.
You keep kicking your legs just to keep your head above water,
And the very last thing you feel like is a dearly beloved daughter.
Every mouthful of salty brine seasoned with tears that you swallow,
Even while drowning you, makes your insides feel hollow.

At times the very act of living seems to big of a thing,
There are so many ways to be hurt, burned and charred.
And there are many times it seems like life only stings
Faith, hope and love are so hard to hold on to.
And so many people tell you that you'll never be new.

We trip over truth and it's so hard to see
How in the world will we ever be free?

I wish I knew how to help, but I have no easy answers.
Not in a world where there is actually cancer.
Where children go hungry, bullets are real,
When innocents is stolen and eaten up like a meal.
And a mothers heart aches at the loss,
At the foot of a cross.

All I know is this, come here, lean in close.
One day all this evil and pain is going to roast.
The sun will break through this darkest of nights,
And we'll go up to see that cities bright lights.

One day there will be no more tears,
No more pain, no more suffering, and not even a hint of our fears.
All that will be banished, we'll see it no more,
For we'll know deep, deep, deep down that there will be no more war.
We'll all sing and dance for we'll finally be free,
For there will never again be a monster that we'll have to flee.

Next time fear comes a knocking,
And the doubts and demons come stalking,
Dash back to be truth, turn tale and run.
With the knowledge that every battle's already been won.
Laugh no matter what happens,
For you have the freedom to stand up to the cannons.
Season your days with story and song,
Be kind and love deeply and you'll never go wrong.

Dear child, love is coming,
I promise this is true,
If you listen real closely,
You can hear it, even here drumming.

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