Saturday, December 7, 2013

I wrote this because I needed to remind myself.
The world does not need you or I straining to be everyone we are not. It needs us, you and I in all our glorious mess, with all our failures, shortcomings, and lack.

The world doesn't need us to hide in dark corners, covering our tattered edges in a cloak of darkness and it doesn't need us to zip on the personality of another in an attempt to conceal our holes.

The world needs us to embrace who are and dance in the sunshine, allowing it to illuminate and transform the frayed edges of our character into a liquid beauty. It needs us to allow the Light to shoot golden beams of hope through the holes in our lives.

This broken words needs us, you and me to be who we were created to be.

To create something and then give it to world can be a terrifying endeavor. To pour your heart and soul into something and then allow people to peer into the depths of enough to make one's bones turn to jelly.

But we must do it anyways because it matters. Down to the tiniest iota, it matters.

Because in the Kingdom that is upside down, it's the most broken people who hold the most beauty and it's the smallest coins that are really worth the most.

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