Friday, December 20, 2013

Disclaimer: I could be way off, I'm only twenty plus three and I know very little. Therefore, I reserve the right at all times to be wrong. Also, I should be sleeping right now, but I find myself here instead. I tend to loose my filter when I am tired and exhaustion works on my courage like I've been told alcohol supposedly would. So don't be surprised if this disappears in the morning.

I feel like there's a disconnect somewhere.

When we feel like standing in line at Chick-fil-a is doing a good deed and we think that sacrifice by going to Cold Stone instead of Ben and Jerry's. And we boycott anywhere the supports A&E and buy Duck Dynasty EVERYTHING. If you really loved Jesus you'd go see whatever movie it is in the theaters that was made by Christians no matter how horrible it is. Tim Tebow is basically Jesus and God wants us to make a stand on everything.!

I feel like we've missed it.

It's easier, I'll give you that. Boycotting Macys and eating chicken sandwiches twice a week seems like an easier gig than loving your enemies, plucking the log in your own eye, and actually loving people to the point it hurts you.

Tonight I had dinner tonight with a young woman who got out of sex trafficking five months ago, I remembered sitting in a garage with her just a few nights after she was rescued, now she now has a job and is going to be starting school in January. Over dinner we talked about how incredible these past months have been and how amazing redemption, grace, and real love are. See, to me that's what Christianity is, healing the broken, setting captive people free, and redeeming the mess. Darkness getting swallowed up by light. Love overcoming all.

I just get the feeling like Jesus really wouldn't take a stand on those other things. Maybe He would, again I could be wrong. But I kind of think that He'd be somewhere loving people instead of holding a sign, and maybe instead of boycotting it, He'd walk into a store and talk to a person behind the counter, maybe?

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