Sunday, February 16, 2014

Becoming Real

Becoming Real.

You’d do anything to feel
To jump and play and run
For just a moment to be real.
But you’re afraid it can’t be done.

You’re grown weary of all the stuffing
And your frozen legs and heart,
‘Cause you’ve seen those
people dancing
And heard their laughs as they cavort.

But I feel like I should warn you
To laugh means at times you'll cry
For flesh feels much more than granite
And only jaded eyes are always dry

You’ll get beat up and be crushed
As you learn to sing and run
You won’t escape from this unblemished
You will be broken before it’s done.

All you’ve know will be unstitched
So that Beauty can shine through
Nothing will be left untouched
He will straighten all that's skewed

The dross must be burned away
To reveal the glory hiding within
There is nothing done partially or halfway
For He aways finishes what He begins

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