Wednesday, February 12, 2014


At times we all have an ache as we hold heavy questions in our hands.
Holes are wrenched into flesh as metal shells and shrapnel are flung.
Sirens shriek and people scream.
Frozen breaths are stolen as crimson blood stains fresh snow.

Mothers pound empty hands and the orphan cries herself to sleep.
The addict chases the thing that is their destruction and beautiful young girl can't see her real worth.
A son slams a door shutting out everything that would save him and sometimes parents scream words that echo for years that they don't even mean.

Life ends and you are in the shallow hole or left standing on the ground at the edge of it, and it feels smaller than the empty canyon you feel inside your heart. Sometimes we cry because we lose someone close and other times we cry because we've lost the opportunity to ever be close.

Sometimes in angry fury we rip schisms and burn bridges that we don't find out that we should have re-built...until it's too late.

Life is too short to feast on bitterness and clutch at grudges.

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