Tuesday, February 25, 2014

When I Can't Sleep at Night

There once was a pretty wild flower who was buttoned up tight.
For she listened to voices that screamed in the night.
Voices that told her that she was too broken and bent to come close to the light
And that she was too dirty to ever be bright.

"You think you’re good enough to come closer?"
She heard over and over again.
"Who do you think you are? You’re a failure, you're a poser."

So she bolted the door and sealed herself in,
Just hoping they'd stop, she hid down deep in the dark.
And then the dragon wrapped round her with a snicker and grin.
Sneering at this tightly fastened little blossom, who was hiding her spark.

Then one day a soft wind carried a sound,
Filled to the brim with words that quieted those voices that hound.

Soft gentle words of a Gardener who said,
Don’t listen to your fear.
Ignore all those who sneer.
For it’s all a free gift,
This beauty and light.
You couldn’t ever earn it, not even if you used all your might.
Be yourself and open up wide.
For the very worst thing you could do is to hide.
Don't be scared I'm right by your side.

Show the world the beauty you see and you hold
Don’t shrivel up and conceal those petals of gold.
For all of that beauty is mine, not your own.

1 comment:

  1. yes.... the beauty is His
    thanks for reminding me I can't do it myself- no matter how I try- to hide and lie to myself ...